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Saturday, February 12, 2005

A wonderful great amazing... pain in the..

I love getting mail, and well I don't get mail, well ever. So when I went to my mail box to make sure I had no call slips from any of the offices at work, I was pleasently suprised to see that my older brother had dropped me a letter and it got to my box. :D

I had the wonderful privelege of doing the one thing that most everyone in the world desires to do, be a third wheel. I got all dressed up with my best friend and we looked hot. Ok, she looked hot. And then we went to the guys house and drove to the concert. Ok. So he gave her beautiful flowers and held the door open for her, so what if he made her crawl over to the other side of the seat in her dress (which if you are a guy reading this is a HUGE no no, when a lady is in a dress you don't make her crawl over the seat.. though you may like to try to see up her skirt, you gain points by not making her crawl). Anyways, they talked a little bit on the way there as I drove. Yes a female drove and basically chaffeured them around (sorry about the spelling).

Ok so we got there and had to wait for the auditorium to be opened so we get seats. I stood there whilst they talked, ok, they didn't really talk they sorta had small talk and stood there. Can we say Akward Silence?! grr.. it was very frustrating. If you ever get the ultimate wonderful job of going as a third wheel, do the one thing that all people should do, RUN and RUN as FAST as you can!

When we finnally sat down he was very very gentlemanly to her, but since i was just the third wheel and not the object of his affection, I was well, left in the dust. Ok, so he didn't hold the door for me as he did her, but does it make it right for him to let it shut in my face? Lets see, how is he doing on points so far, give her flowers +4, open car door for her + 2, makes her crawl over seat -2, opens car door for her agian +2, makes her best friend open her own door -2, slams door best friends face - 2, opens door for her +2, small talks 0, ok so lets add that up...+4 so far.. ok.. so he isn't doing THAT badly...yet.

Then we come to getting seats. He made me make that choice and so I did. Getting seats he let us in first and he sat on the isle seat. Ok, I normally wouldnt have minded exept that anytime I or Ruthie needed to use the restroom we had to go over him, which is a very annoying thing to have happened.. so he gets a -3 for makeing me choice and having us sit in the middle of the row -3 for that too.

We listen to some wonderful and very funny musical guys. Very talented and very much a great entertainer. They were very very good. I never thought I would enjoy it so much. Greg.. i mean Ruthies date, decided to not react to anything, Maybe he was too scared to react to what he was hearing and listening to but Ruthie had to keep asking him if he was alright. Ok, so that was extremely annoying. -2 for him for being unresponsive. so he is now at what.. a negative 4.

After we get down with the concert and its all over, he walks away expecting us to follow, he loses us in the crowd and then heads for the car. He opens the car door once agian for Ruthie and makes her crawl once agian. Lets just be very thankful that she is very modest when she does this so that nothing shows, but still stupid boy.

We go to his place, which he asks Ruthie if she wants to go get something to eat, completely ignoring me. She says yes and then gets out. I am now confused as to if i should follow or not, and getting really annoyed with the whole situation. Ruthie stands by my door and says, "well come on then." and so I guessed I was supposed to have gone. So I went with them. He wanted to show off his car. Which by the way was a very nice vehicle but all he talked about was the beetles. Ruthie hates rock and the beetles.. as do I.. so um.. - 5 for stupid conversation.

Once we reach Culvers, where we are going, he opens the door for her and once agian the door gets slamed in my face, Twice. We order and he pays for him and her and i pay for myself. We get a table and they start talking. Well good at least they are talking. Then all of a sudden its like a big wave of stupidity hits them both and they can't remember how to speak. I try to ask questions and to get them to talk.. but they dont. Finally we leave after a wonderful 35 minutes of agonizing pain from siting thier in silence and stupidity. I want to give him a - 7 for that whole episode.

We get back to his place and he "drops us off" at our car. Doesnt get out and open the door or nothing.. -4. What a very very very boring and stupid night. On the way home, my friend looks at me and smiles and asks... "so what do you think? isn't he wonderful?" Right, sure he's wonderful, a wonderful pain in the..... ok i wont say it but you know what I want to say.

So after we got home i went to bed.. i tried to call my boyfriend but he was busy and so he couldn't listen to my rantings. I thought he had said that he would call me shortly as he was heading to his freinds house to drop him off.. but 3 hours later he called and we only got to talk for a short time as he had to get up early for work. I was kinda upset, not at him, but at the fact that I couldn't talk to either of my best friends. But that is alright. I decided to complain and put it all here. I didn't want to complain to much this morning to my boyfriend as he was heading to work. Oh well. can't win.

anyways... I suppose I should stop ranting.. on the high note.. my brothers letter to me.. was basicly telling me i'm stupid and moving to fast with my boyfriend... oh well. Just not my day i guess.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pssstt... you need to post more :)

And btw, I seriously doubt you and your boyfriend are moving too fast, afterall it always looks too fast for the cop on the side of the road, but the couple in the car never seem to be bothered by the speed.

8:51 AM  

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