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I am a 24 yr old graduating senior at MBBC and I'm promised to a very wonderful man. I am one of 6 kids in my family and love all my siblings. I live with my best friend and will be moving out in may. Moving to Tx but currently in Wisconsin.I love meeting people and chatting. I'm very open to any discussion.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Well I have officially decided not to help my sister out any more. I have been trying to be a great older sister and warn her about things I see going on in her life. I been struggling with that for a long time. I try to give her advice and warn her of future problems if she doesnt' at least consider every aspect of what she is doing. I mean if she wants to continue on the path that she is on then that is fine, but at least she would be making an informed decisions.

I love my boyfriend. When I was actually crying he helped me to see that I need to just let her go and not help her any more. I just need to pray for her and let things happen, cause maybe if she falls flat on her face she will see that I was right and may grow up a little. oh well. Now I have to go to work. I don't want to go to work but I think I shall. Ok, I shall try to continue this post later tonight and if not then I shall try to do it tomarrow morning.


My boyfriend is majorly wierd but I love him and the sad thing is that he probably won't call me until about 3 am. Oh well, I guess I shall just sleep when i get home and hope that he will call me.


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