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Friday, February 04, 2005

Strange and Abnormal start

Ok, this morning my boyfriend called me and woke me up. Which, I must say was a very good thing. My alarm was not even set... pesky thing anyways... but useful in a pinch. Anyways, I was late to chapel this morning but that is alright cause so was my best friend(since we go together to school). I did have a wonderful morning though. I got to listen to Dr. Jaspers talk about Peru. It is great.. anyways so I went to chapel and then I had my directed Study after that and well I was there but the professor (teacher) was not.

I waited and waited and well he finally showed up in the fashion of most Africans... in thier own time. Africans have a great since of time... non existent. Since he was a missionary there for 31 years he acts very african at times.. which is a good thing for the most part, but not when I need to do my directed study with him :) Oh well, it is only a class I failed and am retaking with him. I took two quizes and low- and- behold I had no idea what to put as answers and so I put alot of "fluff" but that is alright cause fluff is nice and soft and if you bounce too much it will protect you from getting hurt.. anyways.. it was a good time. Talked about how to deal with people of other religions without bashing thier beliefs yet share mine.

I went to the student Center after that and hung around with my 'lil' sister and that was alot of fun.... hahaha... right.. um.. and so then I went home and to talk to my boyfriend. Talked to him, and wow, can I say that I love him.. cause um.. I do. I then went to my work, got my check and deposited it, after taking a little of it out, and then I went to class.... I love my web site design class. I am thinking though that maybe I should have paid a little more attention during the lecture time instead of playing with my website, cause um, there is something that he went over today that I am to have on my next assignment and I wasn't really paying attention. Oh bother. I guess I could ask my boyfriend but I don't want to be a nuciance so I shall endevour to try to conquer this task of making a template on my own. If I succeed then I shall get a good grade, but if I fail, then I shall lose some points on my assignment. But I think I will ask my boyfriend if it come right down to it and I have no way of figureing it out on my own. I shall try on my own first. Blah blah blah blah... is what you are all thinking right now... its alright. *smile*

I am going to go to my role playing game tonight. I am so excited about it. I get to get my butt whiped in the game and so that will be fun. Its a Grims fairy tale land game where we are all kids and the king is the rotten humpty dumpty. He wants to use us kids as forced laborers and well he has to get up first, the great thing about this game is that we can "imagine " things and they be real. I like being a dreamer. I get to image alot of things. Anyways, my sister is the popular kid and though she is a very shy and not a very popular kid now, she is playing one and that is kewl for her. She is doing better as the game goes on. Ruthie is a nerd and so she isn't stretching herself cause she really is a nerd in real life, but that is alright cause its her first Roleplaying game and its helping her to become more creative, which when we began was um.. lets just say that a bunny had more imagination then she did.

I love Ruthie though, cause well, she IS my best friend. Although smart and divenare (however you spell it) she is kind and sweet. I know I complain alot about her but that is only to my boyfriend who now thinks she is some evil chick. I find it funny but she is so concerned with that, that I shall endevour to not be so open about my complaining with my boyfriend. I do want him to like her and she is a realy nice and wonderful person. I mean why would I pick someone as a best friend that was a loser or mean or anything?? I do hope that he knows it is just my frustrations I'm getting out and I do exgaggerate at times. oh well. I am sure he knows, else he wouldn't want to talk to me much.

I want to get to know his best friend better just cause it is his best friend. I don't have any ulterior motives, but his friend is a kewl guy. I hope that I can be good friends with him too, so that way no one will get jealous of the other, not that I am jealous when Chris wants to hang out with him, on the contrary, I am glad that they get to hang out and be together at times. They need that. Guys need a time to have a male testeroine filled time together as they are macho and want to do guy things. I dont want to be the kind of girlfriend/wife that wont allow her man time with the guys. I can see benifiets of him spending time with other guys... just as long as he doesn't forget all about me. I mean, I know that if a guy really likes you he will want to spend alot of time with you, right? I mean he will strive to do things with you and be with you more then just occassionally. So I don't think I have anything to worry about. I don't even know why I am explaining myself but I just thought I should.

I enjoy alot of the same things that Chris does, and to be frank, there are some things that I really don't like that he does. But isn't that what makes relationships interesting? I mean, I think I would be completely bored if he liked only the things I liked and I liked only the things he liked, man what would we ever talk about to stretch eachothers mind? nothing. We would never learn anything and grow as people, what a boring life that would be. I love to learn new things and so I am trying to learn wrestling cause that is what my boyfriend likes. I even did the unthinkable... I watched it on tv once or twice just to know whats going on. I mean I used to have to watch it with my dad, but this was on my own of my own choice. I don't think that I shall ever get into it and really enjoy it as much as Chris, but I do want to show that I am interested in him by being intrested in the things that intrest him. Not that I am going to go and buy tickets to any of those wrestling thingys on tv where the women are half nude and the men are jerks, but I don't mind listening to him talk about it.

Ok, see I love hockey and well, he doesn't much like it, so if he can put up with me liking hockey then I should be able to put up with him liking wrestling. I mean if all he ever talked about was wrestling, then um.. yeah.. i would have a problem with it, but since its not.. I am completly fine with it.

Ok I am just getting off on a tangent of many rabbit trails... they lead to many places. As I was saying, I really do want to be friends with His best friend. I enjoy talking to him and getting to know him. I think it is great that he is very creative and wants to write a book. I am sure with how crazy and witty and humorous he is, that he can do it and without much problems at all. He just needs encouragement. I want to be able to help encourage him, just don't know how to do that yet. I am praying for him and about that as well, so I am sure something will happen.

I talk to much I am sure, and write twice as much as I talk, so I should cut this realy short and stop. So, maybe later today or tomarrow if i'm still breathing and living, I shall write more in here. Have fun all.. and feel free to comment to anything I write. Tell me I'm crazy if you want, or tell me I have wrong aspectations or anything at all.. even tell me I'm a horrible speller and I'll agree with you. Have a great day.
Always His,

I John 1:9- If we confess our sins, he (christ) is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

ps. I never claimed to be a wonderful speller or great with grammer, just claim to be good at telling stories.. when and if the opportunity comes up... or arises like a butterfly in spring.


Blogger lionknight said...

Well, my dearest Joy, you are indeed a crazy person... and your speling is quite horrible at times, but only when your fingers get ahead of your mind. I think you're a wonderful woman and am glad to count you as "the one" for me... I hope you have a wonderful time rping tonight and I think you'll do just fine.. You're more quick witted than you think... *winks*

Yours Always,

3:33 PM  
Blogger Crazzie Me said...

Hello Beautiful. You are a good speller, at least you can spell spell unlike your lovely boyfriend. ..grins.. well, I love you loads and loads more. Have a wonderful Day..



3:49 PM  

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