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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Ok, so after a very restful night in which I only had to blow my nose about a dozen times, I got up and went to school. Now you may think, 'After a wonderful night of blowing your nose ONLY a dozen times, How did you find the time to go to school,' Well, I shall just say that I found the time laying around as if it had all day. Anyways, School was fun. I got to learn about flannelgraphs and some really intersting tips on how to do stories using them. I then headed over to my Johanine Epistles class and it was great. I learned quite alot about I John. Then I spent some time with my sister and well just got to talk to her a bit, Haven't been able to do that much. I went to my Women's Ministry class where we baked chololate chip cookies as on object lesson and it was way wickedly cool. (forgive my adolence verbage there but I had to revert to being a youngn' agian).

Ok so I had a great day at school inspite of the fact that I used a box of klenox at school. I am sure that is why they want kids to bring them to school, I just thought I had outgrown that now that I'm in college.. right.. so anyways its all good.

Ok. so yesterday at church during the preaching time with the kids, a little girl answered a hard question and the girl next to me loudly proclaimed "Of course she knew the answer, she always goes to church. If I went half as much as her I'd be as old as you Miss Joy". I had to struggle not to laugh out loud and encourage her, I smiled and told her to pay attention and turned my head to giggle quietly. I love kids. They are just great, always saying things that are unpredictable.

Tomarrow I get to go to the artist series at my school. Its a formal affiar and well, lets just say that I am the most priveldged girl that gets to go as a third wheel. My best friend has a "date' though she is insisting that it isnt a date but that they are 'just friends' yea.. uh huh.. just friends just friends then just married is more like it. Oh well. I guess I shall be a good friend and enjoy it anyways.

I am praying that I get over my cold.. I just hate having it hang over me.. I like being the "Queen of the moutian" anyways. I just need to beat this cold into submission and then kick it out of my kingdom.

Well I should go do something productive.. um.. lets see.. eat.. Yea. that is more productive. WHo cares about homework? oh wait. i think i should.. um.. let me think.. ok.. I shall go start my homework and then play :D
Proverbs 7:17


Blogger Crazzie Me said...

Joy, The Little girl didn't that.. She -being Earon- had said "Of course she knew the answer. She went to church all the time last year. If i went to church half the time she did, i'd be smart too" And she was sitting next to me, as Rachael was next to you. i know so because Earon was next to me and Brook. Anyways.. needed to clear that up..

6:38 PM  

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