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Thursday, February 03, 2005

My begginings

Hello people out there in la la land. I have finnally figured out how to be a person in the technological age of today. I got myself one of those thingymabobs on the Internet thingy. *smile* Anyways this is my first posting as to what is happening in my life. I am now going to describe to you in every my nute detial what i do in my day. I start out by stretching on my bed and slaming my alarm on the floor with much gusto as can come from a female. I then moan and grumble about having to get up while staying completely still on my bed until I get a phone call from my boyfriend. I then answer the phone and sit up and then start getting dressed for the day. After a few minute wake up call, I hang up and run out the door, late for class.... now if this is boring you, just skip ahead a few pages or just stop reading it as of right now.

As I head off for school, I am bound by the ever present need to get to chapel. I know that to most normal people being 5 minutes early is considered a great accomplishment, however for me it is almost as if it is a mortal sin to be only 5 minutes early, I have to be at least 10 minutes early so that I can find a seat. (finding the seat isn't so hard, just getting to it and making sure that my sister is alive is what is so hard). So I check in with the ladies in the lobby and head into the mian gym room and find my seat. I then converse with my sister and make fun of her boyfriend to his face and then listen to the message. We sing songs, pray, read the bible, have special music, sing more songs and then pray and are dismissed. Well that is our "normal" chapel hour.

After chapel I rush to my class room out of the bitter cold and snow covered ground. I get to listen to stories and tell stories and so that class is a fun class. I then head over to the main building where I head to the second floor and rush into class as the bell is ringing and sit down in a desk.... any desk will do as long as there is one open, if not then I sit at the piano (cause it had a bench to sit on) and listen to class. The class is a fun one, but you have to actualy pay attention to understand everything that is going on in the room. I try and try to keep my mind on the teacher and accomplish this about 80/100 times. After class I head to the student center after making a pit stop ( most the time) and then I sit down with some friends and my sister.

We laugh, we cry, we accomplish much homework,( ok so we don't get much homework done, but at least the homework is out on the table in case we get the sudden urge to do it). After that I head over to my last class of the day. I find myself laughing and crying and having a lot of fun, and then the bell rings and class starts. No really, I have a lot of fun in class. I love Women Ministries class... its a great class to take if you are a woman in search of some ideas of things to do in a church or anywhere and it shows how to be an effective worker. I love the class. ( just as a side note to all those that don't know but on Monday, Wed. and friday I only head to chapel and then go home and then go to my sixth hour Web site design class and then head home, but on fridays I also have my directed study right after chapel) anyways my days are full. I finish class and if I'm scheduled to work I head home and change into my work close and do homework until I must be at work.

I then head off to work and great customers with a smile on my face and a load of work on my mind. If I don't have to work I do homework, eat dinner, watch tv, call my boyfriend, hang out with my best friend, and after all those wonderful things I get ready for bed, call my boyfriend and then tell him how much I love him and cherish him , hang up with him and set my alarm clock. Once that is done I then go off to dream land where very normal things happen to very normal people (aka wierd bizzare dreams insue). I must appologize to all my fans out there, my spelling is the most terrible and horrible experience you may yet run across. Just dismiss this and ignore it all. I do not mind at all.

Ok. I must go now and find something useful to do. Ok. You must be pretty bored and think my life is pretty boring for my week day experiences. But I do lots more, just dont' want to tell you all at once, may be that you will think you know it all and never come visit agian.
Always His,
Psalm 8


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