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Monday, February 07, 2005

Long wierd foggy day

Wow this morning seems so far away as if it was days ago. Have you ever had those days where everything seems to go on fast and its as if the day flew by and you lived three days? Well that was my day today.

I started off sleeping in some, but I had to get up early for Chapel. I found out that on Monday Wen. and Fridays I don't have to go anymore.. Yeah!.. and so .. I get the fond prileldge of working then instead. So I went to chapel and that was great.. testamonial day.. peope gave testamonies and I always like that.. cause you get to see what God is doing in other people's life.

After chapel I went home and did some homework and then went to pick up my friend from school, went out and had lunch, then headed off to my class. Website designing class.. yeah!. The sad thing is that it was raining and as I rushed to class to as not to be late my glasses fell out of my pocket. I got to class and found out that they weren't there and so I requested to go find them and I did. I found them.. they had fallen on some soft snow and so they were not damaged, just wet. I can deal with wet, but damaged glasses I can't. Oh well.

After class I figured some things out for my assignment that is due Wed. and then headed to the student center to meet my friend. We went to the bank and then came home. She went off to work and I started in on some homework and drawing some pics. I then hopped online after talking to my boyfriend and then I played on the puter some games.. now i'm typing this and my stomach is growling out of hunger. You know, food is good to eat when you are tired, or weak and even when you are very active and hyper, so I think I shall go get some of the life sustaining matierial and eat it.

Have a great day. I'll try to post more later tonight.
Psalm 23


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