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I am a 24 yr old graduating senior at MBBC and I'm promised to a very wonderful man. I am one of 6 kids in my family and love all my siblings. I live with my best friend and will be moving out in may. Moving to Tx but currently in Wisconsin.I love meeting people and chatting. I'm very open to any discussion.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ahhh nothing is as good as being able to sleep in. I got to sleep in today which was just heavenly. I was awaken by the most wonderful man I know who decided to call me. I then talked to him as he drove to work, and then I let myself drift off to sleep agian. Upon waking up, I put on a cute new outfit I have and got myself some breakfast/lunch. I been lazy today, which is really nice, but I can't be lazy much longer. I need to go to school and take my class and do my project that is due today. However I need to use the computer lab to do that and so I am awaiting for Ruthie to get home so I can use the vehicle to go to school. So that is my day so far.

I have been doing alot of thinking and I find that keeping things to myself ultimatly hurts those I love. I need to work on telling people everything I feel and think. I just hate doing that cause usualy it hurts them when I tell them what I think. I mean, its not like I am the end all of all things you know... so why does it matter too much what I think? I guess I can see how it does matter when I am getting hurt and don't tell people that, but I just deal with it. I guess I'm being stubborn and being hardheaded in not sharing that with others. I just have a hard time doing that though. I don't know why it is. I just do.

I am sure that Ruthie is not going to aprove of what I am wearing. See I bought this shirt yesterday, and its sooooo cute.. but it was a little snug on me.. I had it on over another shirt and so she told me not to wear it until i lose more wieght. I am wearing it without an undershirt and it fits fine... no rolls of fat is showing, its really nice and makes me look slimmer. I am just afraid that she will freak out when she sees me. I heard her come in that is why I just typed this out. I am just thinking about it and so thought I'd write it out.

Anyways, I just need to tell people what I think and so on and so forth. Oh well. I should get going. I need to do a few things before classes start. I shall endevour to get back on and post agian.
Psalm 139:14


Blogger lionknight said...

Hey, sleeping in is good and I bet your wonderful man loves waking you up in the morning cause yer the cutest thing he's ever had...

Btw, I can't wait to see that outfit, and I'm sure it looks wonderful on you (most things do). Btw, I'm so proud of you for trying new styles and "improving" things... You make me want to strive to be better for you in everything...

I love you, dearest... come see me sometime, k?

2:03 AM  

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